Scene on the Radio. Wait…what?

Scene on the Radio: imagine your car ride home from a night out at the movies and the conversation your experience inspires; the off-the-cuff and immediate emotional reaction that compels you to share; toss a fun loving film school graduate, a critics critic and an industry guest in your back seat with a microphone and speakers and you’ve got Scene on the Radio! First, everyone watches a movie, then the show begins with a panel chat, then you chat and then…well then the trivia begins. The whole show is recorded then edited down to a 30-minute radio show called, you guessed it – Scene on the Radio.

There’s only a tiny bit of research done prior to the show so the trivia will be fun but for the most part the discovery is saved for the talk-back with YOU after everyone watches the movie together. See the calendar on the right side of this page or below if you are reading this on a mobile device? Good. Here’s what you should do: mark those dates on your calendar, then come to for each of the movies (or watch them ahead of time and come for the talk-back), then order some delicious food, grab a drink and join the conversation. And as if that were not enough, “major awards” are handed out during the ‘Let’s go to Film School’ trivia contest. See you at Lost Love Lounge!

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